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Marine Refrigeration

We might have no idea on how to prepare the best frozen cocktails to serve on a yacht, but we know how to install the perfect refrigeration system for your vessel. We strongly value that moment, at the end of a sunny sailing day, when you want nothing more than to have a cold drink on your boat.

Coast 2 Coast Refrigeration provides a wide range of refrigeration installation, maintenance and repair services. Our technical staff is just one call away for any installation advice you need, for any installation or maintenance projects you want to discuss with us, or for unwanted, but required emergency repairs.

We can deal with any electrical or mechanical issue, because we have highly qualified staff, proper equipment, and we always aim for the best customer experience.

Ocean Titan, 225ft vessel


For us, an installation process means to choose the perfect refrigeration system for your boat. Also, if together we conclude it is not us that should do the installation, we are satisfied we could help you with the right advice!

We can set up a refrigeration system from the ground-up for your boat. Adding a refrigeration on your vessel is not like going to a store, buy one and connect it to a source of power. You need to consider at least the following factors:

  • What type of power you have on board and how much battery the system will need,
  • What space you have on the boat,
  • Where to install the compressor,
  • what kind of refrigeration box you need – think of size, colors and finishes, and location.

Call us and let’s search for the perfect refrigeration for your boat!

Maintenance and Repair

Whether your vessel uses a drop-in unit, a cold-plate or a holding-plate system, our highly trained team can handle any issue you may encounter with the refrigeration system. Do you need an emergency repair? You can count on us in those moments when you need our services the most!

  • We take all the calls all the time
  • We send professionals who employ the best repair techniques
  • When replacements are required, we use the highest quality products for your refrigeration system

We cannot live with the image of you sailing with a broken refrigeration box that cannot keep your drinks cold or your fish catch frozen. For that, we are here to also provide maintenance service to keep your refrigeration system optimized for efficiency and to reduce the risks of emergency repairs.

We deliver the maintenance services having one goal in mind: the refrigeration system should never let you down!

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