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Do you know the most hardworking and continuously running appliance in your home? The refrigerator or freezer operates 24 hours a day without any rest to keep your food fresh and healthy. However, despite being rugged and reliable, a refrigerator can also experience some problems that need to be fixed. Want to know some possible causes of broken refrigerators and the best refrigerator repair service for you? Let’s get started! 

Most Common Refrigerator Problems

Here are some of the most common freezer or refrigerator problems that every small business owner faces:

1. Faulty or Damaged Miniature Circuit Breaker

Since a refrigerator or freezer is a complex machine with multiple sensitive components, there are more chances for breakage. One of the most common reasons why your refrigerator or freezer is not working properly is the defective MCB. If that’s the case, you’ll need to check the current and voltage with any voltage tester. 

2. Defective Compressor 

Out of all the components, the compressor is considered the most important and regarded as the heart of a refrigerator. The refrigeration cycle starts from the compressor; if it’s defective, the machine cannot produce enough cooling. Sometimes, there is a gas leakage problem from the compressor side. Keeping the compressor cool, clean, and lubricated is the solution to this problem. 

3. Untidy Condenser Tubes

There are condenser tubes at the back of the refrigerator. The condenser’s function is to convert the pressurized gas into liquid, and heat dissipates into the atmosphere via the condenser tubes. If the tubes are dirty, the tubes cannot dissipate enough heat, and the refrigerator’s efficiency decreases. 

4. Faulty Temperature Gauge or Thermostat 

The reason your refrigerator or freezer is not producing enough cooling can also be a faulty thermostat. You can manually check your refrigerator’s function by placing a thermometer inside it for some time. When the thermostat gets faulty, it cannot transmit signals to the capacitor, and the refrigerator does not turn on. In this case, you’ll need refrigeration or freezer repair services to eliminate this fault. 

5. Not Enough Refrigeration Coolant 

Refrigerators can function efficiently only if they have enough coolant or refrigeration gas. If the coolant gets leaked due to some reason, there will not be enough flow toward the evaporator, and the freezer will not cool to the desired temperature. Thus, to work properly, the refrigerator or freezer will need enough coolant to evaporate inside the evaporator section. 

Find and Contact the Best Refrigerator Repair Service! 

If your refrigerator is not producing enough cooling or needs scheduled maintenance, you’ll need a professional commercial refrigerant repair service. We recommend Coast 2 Coast Refrigeration services that deal in freezer repairs and commercial refrigeration repairs. Even if you own a small business such as a bakery, food mart, or grocery store, Coast 2 Coast will take care of your freezer’s problems and malfunctions.