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At Coast 2 Coast, we really care about your restaurant and your refrigerator. We prefer to teach you how to properly maintain your refrigerator than to receive an emergency repair call from you. A sudden breakdown of your freezer could shut down your kitchen for a couple of days and make you lose all the stored food. Here are some specific maintenance actions you can take right away!

When you set up your refrigerator…

  • For a reach-in freezer, find the best spot for it in the kitchen. It needs enough space especially at the back, where the coils are. Allow for airflow, helping the unit to keep cool with less energy. 
  • Check the refrigerator’s settings, making sure the lights shut off when you close the door. A light left on makes the equipment to use more power and then work harder to stay cool. 
  • Set the temperature correctly. Check the FDA and USDA rules about how to keep food safe, at the right temperature.
  • Train your staff to use and maintain the refrigerator.

For long-term use of your refrigerator…

  • Do not overfill the fridge, air needs to circulate to keep the unit working properly.
  • The inside of the freezer should be dry all the time. If you spill something, clean it immediately. 
  • Keep the refrigerator clean, by using dedicated cleaning products. When parts are worn or dirty, the freezer runs more frequently and this could lead to breakdowns of the unit. Also, without proper food refrigeration, in a clean environment, the health of everyone who eats at your restaurant is at risk.
  • Perform regular inspections, with the support of a professional who could verify the electrical connections, clear the lines, degrease and clean coils, check the air filters, oil and refrigerant, inspect compressor and thermostats, etc.
  • If the refrigerator has an ice machine, disassemble the unit and thoroughly clean all components regularly.
  • Inspect how the freezer’s door opens: there should be some resistance given by the seal that sits all the way around the door. When there is no resistance, there’s a leak somewhere, so call the experts!

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