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If you plan to open a pub, restaurant, cafe, hotel, or a grocery shop, you need to understand how commercial refrigeration works. Never think that commercial appliances are just bigger versions of domestic refrigeration systems. Commercial units are specially designed for specific needs your business might have.

Here are three key things to know about how commercial refrigeration works:

1. Commercial refrigerators use the same physical principle – the Second Law of Thermodynamics (when two objects of different temperatures are brought together, heat will travel from the hotter to the colder one), but this is taken to the next level. The transfer of heat from the food or beverage into the refrigerant liquid has to be done in a more intense and fast way than in the domestic systems. Why?
The quantity of food and beverage you store and cool or freeze is much bigger than the one used in a regular home.
Also, the way in which you, your clients, and employees use the units is very different. If at home, the fridge stays most of the time closed, a commercial unit is opened and closed very often by many people during one day.
In your business, you need the refrigerators to cool or freeze the food or drinks much faster and more efficiently than at home.

2. Commercial refrigeration units count on the refrigeration liquid that under food and beverage’s heat turns out in gas, it cools and loses that heat through the cooling system.
Most of the refrigeration systems use Freon as the refrigerant liquid. But when this was used at the industrial level, it proved to damage the Earth’s ozone layer.
More modern commercial refrigerators use Tetrafluoroethane. The companies producing industrial refrigerators continuously innovate to improve the efficiency of the systems and make them more eco-friendly.

3. Maintenance of commercial refrigeration should be done more often than of domestic appliances. These are used more intensely, and keep in mind that repairs can be very expensive, so it is always better to prevent inconvenient emergencies.

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