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Here in San Diego, we all know that it is just a matter of time before we need our cooling systems to work full force. Before any heatwave kicks in, tune-up your AC. During an AC maintenance session, the Coast 2 Coast technicians fully inspect, clean and adjust or replace components that need it.


The maintenance makes your air conditioner work as efficiently and effectively as possible, but it also saves you money! Here are the main benefits of AC maintenance:


  1. Fewer repairs. 85% of the repairs that an air conditioner needs are preventable. Run AC maintenance once or twice per year. You can identify and fix any issue that could develop emergency repairs later if they are not cared for now. Thus, maintenance saves you money, preventing costly repairs or replacements.
  2. Increased efficiency. The annual maintenance of your AC retains or increases the efficiency of the equipment. Duct leaks or clogged filters, which usually impact the AC’s operation, are fully addressed during the maintenance session. Thus, the issues that could drive up energy costs are solved before they become a real problem for your utility bills.
  3. Extended AC’s lifespan. When properly maintained, an air conditioning system can last at least 15 years. Neglect your AC, and your repairs bills will increase and you will need to pay for a brand new cooling system very soon.


In order to get full advantage of the benefits of AC maintenance, always work with a certified technician. Only a trained professional can properly help you maintain the AC system and save you money!


Do not hesitate to contact our technicians today and schedule a maintenance session for your AC!