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As you’ll be aware, working refrigerators are to restaurants what gherkins are to hamburgers i.e. crucial (okay you might not agree but you get the point!). Keeping your fridges properly maintained not only mitigates for highly disruptive breakdowns, it helps keep goods fresh and can also reduce your energy consumption and keep your day-to-day costs down.

Therefore, it’s important to keep them properly maintained. Here’re our tips for keeping your restaurant refrigeration in tip top condition.

Keep interiors and exteriors consistently clean

Commercial refrigeration units should be thoroughly cleaned on a weekly or biweekly basis. Make sure you use the correct cleaning products. Warm water with soap or vinegar solution works well for the interiors and wash using a soft brush. For the exteriors, use a washcloth or soft brush with a combination of warm water and a vinegar or detergent-based solution.

Clean the condenser coil

The condenser coil is an essential component of your fridge. If the condenser coil gets dirty or dusty this can make it difficult to maintain temperature and ultimately cause the fridge to malfunction. It’s recommended to clean this once every three months or so, and most manufacturers provide specific cleaning tips.

Check the area by the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is also a crucial component of your fridge, responsible for cooling the unit’s interior by absorbing warm air. Therefore it’s vital to keep the coil clean and ensure the area surrounding it is clear.

Check air filters regularly

Refrigerator air filters are especially crucial in kitchens as they’re handling plenty of airborne grease and dust. Clean them regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Replace if needs be.

Final thoughts

Following basic refrigeration maintenance tips will help to keep them running smoothly and efficiently in between service checks.

If something should go wrong, at Coast 2 Coast we pride ourselves on finding fast solutions to repairing your equipment and protect your products. Just give us a call!