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If you own a restaurant, grocery store, cafeteria, or manage a pharmacy or a warehouse, or you just care about your own refrigeration system, then you are aware of how important it is to properly maintain your refrigerators. When a problem arises, you should be prepared to evaluate the situation and contact trustworthy technicians.


In our daily work, we get many questions about different issues that business owners or homeowners face in maintaining and repairing their refrigeration systems. We selected for you the most common questions asked by our clients:


Why is my refrigerator leaking water?

The gasket around the door could be worn-out, a plugged drain hose or defrost drain opening could be broken, or the compressor is about to fail. Do not ignore leaks, call us immediately!


Should I worry about excessive frost in the freezer?

Yes, you should. In most cases, the defrost system might be broken or the evaporator fan motor may need to be replaced. Let us inspect and evaluate the seriousness of the situation.


Why is there fluid in fresh food compartments?

Examine the door seals if they are damaged or too old, and call us to replace them or inspect for other issues.


Why is my refrigerator not cooling properly?

In this case, there are at least three suspects: the door gasket that might be worn-out, a blocked drain or a broken thermostat.


Why is my refrigerator making strange noises?

This is the sign that you might need to replace the compressor motor of the refrigerator or its fan. No worries, we can check for you and advise on what needs to be replaced or repaired.


Why does debris build-up?

Usually, dirt and debris build-up in all equipment that uses a fan. Schedule periodic cleaning to ensure your refrigerator continues to run in good condition.


Why is my refrigerator using more electricity than usual?

The unit’s capacitor might be broken or it lost its strength, which results in more electricity consumption. Let us check and replace it!


What should I do if my refrigerator stopped running?

The chances are that you might need to replace the thermostat. However, call us immediately to evaluate the damage and solve the issue quickly.


When should I give up on my old refrigerator?

If your system is older than 10 years, consider replacing it. The new systems are more efficient, use less electricity, are greener, and maintenance and repairs are less costly.


No matter the issue, contact us for unmatched refrigeration repair services!